June is Pride Month which means we’ve seen countless consumer brands temporarily emblazon their logos and branding to incorporate rainbows or any of the variety of Pride flags.

I’m very interested in cause marketing, which means I started thinking about Pride marketing, who benefits from it, and how Pride (and cause marketing) is incorporated into marketing programs. We’ll talk about the levels of involvement that can come with cause.

Pride, when adopted by mainstream companies like LEGO, Dunkin Donuts, etc. is a particular kind of marketing /branding that will continue to get more important as the Millennial and Zoomers stream into the market, demanding transparency, truth, and motivation.

Cause marketing — Where a brand harnesses publicly supports particular causes ranging from low level donations to partnering with a…

The average inbox is cluttered with a near-constant stream of email. According to the Radicati Group, 182.9 billion emails are sent and received across the world every day — that’s about 65 emails per internet-connected person per day. To put it simply, there is a lot of competition for the attention of your recipients.

In this battle for attention, your subject line is your primary weapon. Subject lines are the gateway to your email. They often make the difference between an email being opened and it being ignored. …

After 15 months of wrenching disruption, a return to normalcy is in sight. As B2B marketers, now’s a great time to reflect on how we ensure that email, which remains central to all things demand gen — early demand, account-based marketing (ABM), nurtures, and more — continues to evolve and grow.

Here are three ways we can do that.

It seems like everyone is apologizing as the internet continues to shine a harsh, brutally revealing light on both brands and individuals.

Think of Uber, which has suffered from every scandal possible, from allegations of sexual misconduct internally to its Greyball software, which allowed the company to deny riders rides without telling them it does so. This got them in legal trouble when city officials tried to run stings on the ride-sharing service. Uber knew that these particular individuals were trying to bust them, and so it shows them fake rides on the map, only to have these fake rides cancel before pickup. Or no rides would show up at all.

These were just a few examples of bad behavior coming to…

One of the most important words in marketing is the word value. The entire relationship between brand and buyer is associated with value.

Values can be something your brand holds, your customers align with, or something you present to consumers to win their favor.

People want to feel that they are valued or are being given something of value.

You might ask yourself these questions:

  • How can your brand provide value?
  • What values is your brand defined by?
  • Do you promote those values?
  • Who aligns themselves with your brand’s values?
  • Do you make your audience feel valued?
  • How do you…

While increasing numbers of businesses collect more data than ever, they often still have no idea how to use it. Are you drowning in data instead of using it to your advantage?

You’re asking the important questions. But where do you begin? What’s important and what’s insignificant? Even more importantly, how do you distill all of this down to find value?

Analytics is the answer your organization is looking for. It is a process of studying past business performance to gain insight and help drive future initiatives.

Analytics lets you know about activity on your website. It tells you how…

Do you ever have those days when you go right to work without much time to mentally prepare for the day? Maybe that’s how you start every day. Maybe it only happens every now and then. Personally, days like these really throw me and my work off track.

I’ve always been the kind of person to wake up early to enjoy a good breakfast and some personal time to “charge” for the day. Maybe it’s an introvert or a creative thing or maybe I just really like breakfast. …

Did you know that about 40% of your contacts become invalid each year? That means that if you aren’t proactively growing and maintaining your list, you face losing almost a third of it.

Experts say that one reason is because leads change their email address. This seems likely, seeing as the average person changes jobs between 10 and 15 times in their life. That’s less than 5 years at most jobs.

The other reason is that your content becomes irrelevant for part of your audience each year for other reasons. This group stops opening your emails and might even unsubscribe entirely.

In today’s post, we tackle how to maintain and upkeep your database to retain as many usable contacts as possible. …

I’ve been reading through a book called “The 22 Immutable Laws of Marketing,” originally published in 1993, aka the same year I was born. It was republished and presumably updated in a 2009 release, but my copy is from a dusty set of thrift store shelves.

It’s fascinating reading something that is 20+ years old (27 or 28 to be more specific) that contains “immutable” laws which are unchanging (the definition of immutable). I am as old as this books’ marketing advice.

The law of focus stuck out at me as particularly useful.

The Law of Focus — The idea…

Music is one of the oldest forms of storytelling. It has been used throughout humanity’s history to record the past and inspire the future.

Maybe that’s why some forms of music have ancient roots have reaching back 250,000 years or more –that’s far longer than even the written word.

Music was and always will be a form of storytelling, meaning that musicians are part of a long line of storytellers.

Modern musicians are no different. They must keep up on the latest storytelling trends to prosper. That means social media and digital marketing.

Musicians who do this well amass a…


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