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As a marketing stack, technological advances in ABM have enabled marketers to capture and leverage the “intent” of prospective buyers. Typically, the tech captures data from digital ad clicks/impressions and website clicks, and then reveals that information at the “domain-level” by matching IP addresses.

If COVID-19 didn’t convince email marketers of the need to evolve, then the latest privacy changes impacting Apple email clients should do the trick.

HIPB2B has been running its Demand Generation and Content Marketing Group for a decade this year.


LinkedIn went live in May 2003. …

Visitors are coming to your website, but most of them aren’t sticking around. These visitors remain anonymous IP addresses, untrackable and untraceable. Did you know that 99% of your traffic isn’t ready to buy right now, and 75% of all web visitors will never return to your website?

There are a lot of mobile apps in the app market — 8.9 million to be exact. One 2021 statistic states that the average person uses 9 apps a day and 30 a month. It’s safe to say that a lot of us are distracted — and maybe burnt out — when it comes to our workflow and the tools we use.

As part of the HIPBlog’s strategy, we have a strategy for finding and updating our past posts, which allows us to give them more value and reduce the amount of original content our small team needs to make.

Customer experience is more important than ever for digital marketers struggling to find balance after the seismic changes caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. Earlier this week, we published a post called 5 Timely Ways To Optimize CX in a Post-Covid World.

Although the public-health aspect of the COVID-19 crisis is slowly receding in the United States, many other facets of our lives and livelihoods have a ways to go before they reach pre-pandemic normalcy. Putting ourselves in our customers’ shoes, the list of personal and business disruptions of the past year includes — but is certainly not limited to –

  • A likely loss of family and friends to a once-in-a-lifetime pandemic
  • A complete overhaul in the way they do their job
  • Radical changes in the way those who are parents manage their kids’ education
  • New perspective on the importance of personal…

You know what they say about assumptions, right?

I’m not allowed to say that word on this blog, but you know how the saying goes. Sometimes, from our point of view (isolated in our offices or homes) we can make assumptions about leads that aren’t quite correct.


HIPB2B is a demand gen solution provider, utilizing content, email, and marketing automation to drive outcomes for marketing and technology clients

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