Infographic — A Guide to Maximizing Lead Generation Today

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In online marketing, it’s easy to fall into a rut. While the tried and true tactics of content downloads and blog subscriptions are staples, a little imagination can make them much more effective.

As challenging as it can be to grow a sustainable online audience, converting that audience can be just as difficult. Today, more than ever, people are careful with their personal data. A user won’t give up precious contact information without something suitably valuable in return.

This week’s infographic offers 21 techniques to help marketers maximize their lead generation potential. It comes to us from ELIV8. The infographic compiles tips, tactics, and stats to help you convert more members of your audience.

Some of the key points in this infographic include:

  • 04 — Direct Traffic With Calls to Action — 47% of websites have a clear call to action buttons that take 3 seconds or less to see. Use these to direct traffic to your high converting pages and content.
  • 05 — Use Social Proof in Your Copy — Customer reviews are 12x more trusted than descriptions that come from businesses. That’s why you need to utilize social proof to encourage more website opt-ins.
  • 08 — Use the “Content Upgrade” — Increase blog post conversions by more than 700% when you offer opt-in content that is on the exact same topic as the blog post. For example, offer 3 bonus tips at the end of a 7 tip blog post.
  • 12 — Use Benefit Rich, Action Oriented Copy — Dramatically increase your opt-in rates by using “value terms” to increase the perceived value of your offers and persuade readers to take action.
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