Infographic — Crafting a Perfect ‘About Me’ Page

When it comes to copywriting, sometimes the tasks that seem to be the most straightforward end up being the most challenging. In short-form copy, there needs to be a clear purpose and a great deal of thought put into every word.

The “About Us” page of a company website has always been a challenge for copywriters and marketers alike. With a combination of a short format and unclear objectives, this page is prone to boring generalities and clichés.

What does it take to push past these challenges and create an effective About Us page? That’s the topic of this week’s infographic. It comes to us from Wise Startup Blog. The infographic covers six aspects of an About Us page and a set of tips to ace each aspect.

A few key points from the infographic include

  • Have an attention-getting opening statement
  • Make it about your audience
  • Include an email opt-in to gain added value from the page
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