Infographic — Crafting the Subject Line That Gets Your Email Read

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First impressions are important. A strong first impression generally leads to positive conversations in the future, while a negative first impression lessens the chances of that happening. This holds true in face-to-face conversations as well as marketing messages.

A subject line is an email marketer’s first impression. It’s the first step into any sort of conversion. All of the work that went into the email and the landing page goes to waste if the subject line can’t entice a viewer to open. A compelling subject line is critical to the success of the campaign.

This Friday’s infographic is here to help with subject lines. The infographic, which comes to us from Litmus, provides some general best practices for email subject lines, as well as a set of six steps to get the open.

A few interesting pieces from the infographic include:

  • Specific “spam words” in a subject line rarely trigger spam filters on their own
  • Localization allows you to be personal and relevant, increasing open rates
  • Emails with 28–38 characters in the subject line had the highest click rates
  • Including first or last names in the subject line does not significantly improve open rates
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Originally published at on March 29, 2019.

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