Infographic — How B2B Sales Has Changed


It wasn’t long ago that cold calling and knocking on front doors were the most common approaches to driving business. That era (thankfully) is over.

Like most things, the internet drastically changed sales. With all sorts of information readily available, buyers no longer need to rely on salespeople as their primary source of information. Buyers can do as much independent research as they please, meaning salespeople are dealing with more educated, discerning buyers than ever before.

That’s just the tip of the iceberg. Find out all the ways the internet has changed selling in this week’s infographic, designed by Maximize Social Media. The infographic covers outbound vs inbound, the benefits of a modern approach, and the results of a buyer-centric selling.

A few interesting points from the infographic include:

  • 78% of US internet users research products and services
  • 54% of B2B buyers begin the buying process with informal research around business challenges
  • Buyers are 66% to 90% through their buying journey before they reach out to a vendor

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Let us know what you think:

  • How much research do you do before a sales call?
  • When do you prefer to be contacted by a sales rep?
  • Have you ever bought anything from a cold call or cold email?

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HIPB2B is a demand gen solution provider, utilizing content, email, and marketing automation to drive outcomes for marketing and technology clients

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