Infographic — How to Build a Buyer Persona: A Recipe for Success

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In marketing, everything comes back to the customers. Whether it’s attracting new business, addressing pain points, or supporting recent clients, marketers need an understanding of their customers (and potential customers) to be successful.

Buyer personas are the go-to approach to document and distribute information about a specific segment of an audience. They act as a sort of checklist, helping marketers to flesh out their understanding of their customers.

This week’s infographic, which comes from GetCRM, walks you through the process of creating buyer personas. It covers everything from the “ingredients” you need for a buyer persona to the ways you can “serve and enjoy” personas.

A few key points from the infographic include:

  • Start your personas with a list of important fields you want to define
  • Persona information can be gathered from studying current customers or performing outside research
  • Give your persona a name (it might seem silly, but it helps to humanize the persona)
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Originally published at on March 8, 2019.

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