Infographic — How to Build an Unstoppable Lead Generation Machine

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Today’s B2B lead generation would be just about unrecognizable to someone who worked in the industry 15–20 years ago. There are new channels. There are new rules. But maybe the biggest change is the tools that lead generators have at their disposal.

Comparing the lead generation and marketing automation software of today to that of the past is like comparing a horse-drawn plow to a tractor with a rototiller. Today, marketers have a wide variety of compatible technologies they can use to create a powerful end-to-end lead generation machine.

Lead generation technologies are the topic of this week’s infographic. It comes to us from Technology Advice. The infographic covers the channels, technology, and processes you need to create an effective lead gen machine.

A few important points from the infographic include

  • Companies who blog generate 67% more leads per month
  • “Best-in-class” marketers syndicate at least 10% of their content
  • 60% of people read emails from businesses
  • 92% of marketers call ABM a “must-have”
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