Infographic — LinkedIn for B2B Lead Generation: Why, When, and How

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In a B2B setting, social media isn’t exactly top of mind when it comes to lead generation activities. Companies are more likely looking to things like gated content, newsletter subscriptions, webinars, and other website-based content to produce leads. That being said, social media shouldn’t be overlooked as a supplemental lead generation channel. Social networks — LinkedIn in particular — can be highly effective sources of B2B leads.

LinkedIn is an obvious match for B2B. It provides a strictly business-focused environment that isn’t found on other social networks. Tools like groups, company pages, and LinkedIn publishing help companies to put their content in the hands of relevant professionals. At the same time, an expanding array of premium searches and filters are helping users to take a more proactive approach to acquire new business on LinkedIn. It comes as no surprise that over 80% of B2B social conversions come from LinkedIn.

This Friday’s infographic comes from Oktopost. It discusses the reasons, timeframe, and methods for generating B2b leads through LinkedIn. It also discusses conversion performance by time of day and post type.

Some key takeaways from this week’s infographic include:

  • LinkedIn engagement is highest in mid-afternoon, peaking at 2:00 pm.
  • LinkedIn company pages have shown promise and tend to be underutilized. They account for only 0.59% of posts, but 10.07% of all conversions.
  • The average length of a converting post on LinkedIn is 248 characters (about three or four sentences).
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