Infographic — The Anatomy of a High Converting Landing Page

The importance of landing pages can’t be overstated. They very literally stand between your audience and your campaign objectives. The ability of the landing page to convert has a direct relationship to the outcomes of a campaign.

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The difference between an optimized and unoptimized landing page can also be the difference between a successful and unsuccessful campaign. It pays to get landing pages right.

That’s where this week’s infographic comes in. The infographic, which comes from Quick Sprout, provides a blueprint for a high converting landing page. It has guidance on everything from the headlines and visuals to trust elements and social proof.

Some key points from the infographic include:

  • Your main headline is the elevator pitch, your subheading clarifies
  • Web visitors are scanners, not readers (so provide scannable benefit information)
  • Pay attention to your button copy
  • Make sure your landing page is compatible with smaller screens
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