Infographic — The Data Behind Landing Page Trends in 2018


Landing pages are the unsung heroes of marketing campaigns. No matter the content, no matter the channel, the campaign goals only get achieved through the use of a landing page.

With landing pages holding such an important role in the process, the effectiveness of those pages becomes intimately related to the success of campaigns. Even improving landing page conversion by just a fraction of percent translates to more successes, more interested users, and a bump up for the bottom line.

That’s why it pays to get ahead of the times with landing pages. This week’s infographic (from Unbounce) helps us to do just that. The infographic provides statistics and forward-thinking guidance for optimizing six different aspects of landing pages.

Some of the most interesting points from the infographic include:

  • Landing pages with 1 link converted higher than those with multiple links
  • 76.8% of marketers don’t have indications of social proof on their landing pages
  • Email was the highest converting traffic source for landing pages at 13%

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