Infographic — The Mixology of Content Marketing

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With Content Marketing World 2019 approaching, content marketing (and possibly cocktails) are fresh on the minds of many marketers. Content marketing continues to grow in terms of adoption, budget, and scale of efforts. Content marketers are being pushed to create a wider assortment of higher quality content.

The content “menu” isn’t the only factor that determines the success of content marketing, though. Content marketers need great “ingredients” — research, writing, design, user experience, etc. — as well. And, of course, these ingredients need to be combined correctly through proper processes and governance.

When you step back, the whole process begins to look a bit like bartending. You have a menu of specific offerings, created through precise combinations of ingredients, and served based on your customers’ demands. Just like alcohol, there’s some content that’s top-shelf, and there’s some content that deserves be sold in a plastic bottle.

This week’s infographic fleshes out this analogy. It comes to us from JBH. The infographic compares various content formats to their cocktail equivalent, adding statistics and advice for each format — just the thing to keep your audience coming back.

Some key points from the infographic include:

  • 67% of marketers have success with blog posts and articles.
  • Video will be responsible for 79% of all consumer web traffic by 2018.
  • White papers are the #1 content format for B2B buyers researching a purchase decision.
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