Infographic — The Top 5 Most Effective Online Lead Generation Ideas According to Experts

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Leads are the lifeblood of an organization. They keep sales teams happy, marketers employed, and companies in business. As the Internet continues to expand in both total users and importance to the purchase process, online lead generation has come to the forefront of the battle for leads.

More so than many forms of marketing, lead generation is transparent. Though there are several attribution models and various supplemental metrics, at the end of the day, marketers can always return to the lead count. Lead generation creates a defined number of leads, which can then be traced through the funnel with relative ease. This gives marketers a clear view into what’s working and what’s not.

This week’s infographic makes use of this clear view into online lead generation. To create the infographic, Digital Marketing Philippines surveyed over 800 marketing experts from LinkedIn’s B2B Technology Marketing Community group. Participants were asked to name their most effective online lead generation channels. The top five responses, along with tips and relevant information, were compiled into today’s infographic.

Key points from today’s infographic include:

  • Inbound is driven by customer-focused content and navigation
  • Content-driven SEO is key to generating leads, especially in B2B
  • Social media lead generation is expected to increase exponentially in the coming years
  • Email is still a powerful channel for lead generation. 72% of email users check their inboxes 6 or more times each day
  • 83% of consumers will most likely make larger purchases if they receive good information about the product/service/brand through email
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