Infographic — The Ultimate List of Blog Post Ideas

You open your word processor. You type a bit, then delete it. You type some more, but that’s not what you want either. Time goes by, and the words don’t stick to the page. We’ve all been there.

Inspiration is tough as a content creator. The ideas just don’t flow as easily after writing tens, if not hundreds, of blog posts.

Fear not! This week’s infographic is here to help with a comprehensive list of blog post archetypes. The infographic, which comes to us from DigitalMarketer, has no shortage of possibilities for your next blog post topic.

A few of the more interesting suggestions include

  • A YouTube Cut-Up Post
  • A Guard Down Post
  • A Crowdsourced Post
  • A Link Roundup Post
  • A What If Post
  • A Challenge Post
Image for post
Image for post

Originally published at on July 19, 2019.

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