The Email Design Trends for 2020

The construction and design of emails have continuously evolved since the You’ve Got Mail and AOL days.

We’ve come a long way since the little, plain-text box that landed in our inboxes. Now, we have emails that are colorful, responsive, personalized, and even animated and gamified.

So — what else is new for 2020?

Until recently, email and web have leaned on the flat design trend. In 2020, expect to see images with more depth, both literally and metaphorically. 3D and isometric images can make both text and images stand out in emails, creating better engagement for readers.

Animated GIFs have been popular in the last few years. They stand out in every format, whether it be in a text message, a listicle, or in an email. GIFs can be used as accents and decorations, as a way to showcase a new product or service, or to highlight pop culture.

Video is king in many forms of digital and content marketing, but what about in email? A study has shown that using the word “video” in a subject line can boost open rates by 19%, click-through rates by 65%, and reduces unsubscribes by 26%. Not all major email platforms support video playback within emails, but instead of embedding a video within the email, use a thumbnail image with a link to the video.

With a recent iOS update came “Dark Mode” for all devices, which helps to reduce eye strain. For email, this means that dark mode changes the color palette of the email, so the content is presented on a dark background and with light-colored typography and elements.

Adapting to this possibility will be an interesting change for marketers in 2020.

Gamification in email is the process of taking an email and integrating game mechanics into it to promote engagement and participation. Users receive the email and can play the game in the inbox and get incentives in the form of discounts or freebies. Alternatively, it can just be for fun.

While minimalism might seem like the antithesis of the other points in this post, it always has its place in design. Extra whitespace and a limited color palette can make an email stand out among the animated GIFs, 3D imagery, and other flashy design elements

It’s always exciting to watch new trends develop and unfold right before our eyes. One day, our phone screens are all light-themed and then we wake up and see Dark Mode. These email design trends for 2020 create effective engagement while also being fun and informative. Which of these design trends will you use in the coming year?

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